Wright Related Quotes

As Fallingwater demonstrates, Wright's genius was always specific, but also always lively, always daring.

Jane Smiley

My grandfather Frank Lloyd Wright wore a red sash on his wedding night. That is glamour!

Anne Baxter

“From the outside, it's not different at all. We've gone to painstaking measures to make sure it is what Wright would have wanted.”

Patrick J. Mahoney

I think I could beat Joe Frazier singing. I was in a Broadway musical called Big Time Buck Wright.

Muhammad Ali

“John Wright obviously allowed this to go on to the detriment of the team, ... I am not prepared to sit back and allow this to continue.”

Greg Chappell

I love Steven Wright.

Demetri Martin

“I'm capable of doing whatever (coach) Joey Wright requires of me,”

Stephen Black

“Coach (Jay) Wright says there are always extra opportunities when other players aren't hitting their shots. If you're patient, it'll come.”

Kyle Lowry

“I thought our defense was pretty impressive. We really concentrated our efforts on Ally Wright, who's a very good shooter, on the perimeter, and we tried to double on Sabrina. With her not getting in the flow of the game, that hurt them.”

Wayne Allen

The Wright Amendment is a pain in the ass, but not every pain in the ass is a constitutional infringement.

Herb Kelleher