Xenophobia Related Quotes

Growing inequality is a huge problem, and of course is intimately connected to xenophobia and racism.

Adam Hochschild

“There is a good chance that there will be Dubai bashing and xenophobia in Congress. That could help poison commercial relations, and I would hope that calmer heads will prevail.”

Richard Aboulafia

History shows that it is not only senseless and cruel, but also difficult to state who is a foreigner.

Claudio Magris

I do not believe, from what I have been told about this people, that there is anything barbarous or savage about them, except that we all call barbarous anything that is contrary to our own habits.

Michel De Montaigne

On either side of a potentially violent conflict, an opportunity exists to exercise compassion and diminish fear based on recognition of each other's humanity. Without such recognition, fear fueled by uninformed assumptions, cultural prejudice, desperation to meet basic human needs, or the panicked uncertainty of the moment explodes into violence.


Why don't they let us explain who we are?' Derin protested 'It's not fair judging us like that without giving us a chance to speak'Marna laughed mirthlessly.'Do you think that would help?' she responded. 'The face of fear has neither eyes nor ears. It is blind and deaf to all but its own terrors.

Victor Kelleher

... that kind of patriotism which consists in hating all other nations ...

Elizabeth Gaskell

In history, truth should be held sacred, at whatever cost . . . especially against the narrow and futile patriotism, which, instead of pressing forward in pursuit of truth, takes pride in walking backwards to cover the slightest nakedness of our forefathers.

Col. Thomas Aspinwall

In Europe there's an dangerous growth of ultra xenophobia which is pretty threatening to any one who remembers the history of Europe... and an attack on the remnants of the welfare state. It's hard to interpret the austerity-in-the-midst-of-recession policy as anything other than attack on the social contract.

Noam Chomsky