Xerox Related Quotes

“Two years ago we gave up on Xerox. It was on the brink of bankruptcy or being taken over and, believe it or not, now it's on the path to profitability .”

Gene Marcial

“They were concerned about one of the issues in the contract, but all along Xerox denied any wrongdoing.”

Christa Carone

“The barrier can be the lack of a Xerox machine, or that they can't read or write English. It's not knowing what they have access to and not being able to navigate the system.”

Cherie Sammis

“Gutenberg made everybody a reader. Xerox makes everybody a publisher.”

Marshall Mcluhan

“Xerox has an agreement in principle with the SEC that effectively resolves Xerox's outstanding issues with the SEC.”

Christa Carone

“We intend to expand our international operations over the next few years [and] in close co-operation with Xerox UK to become their largest partner in that territory.”

David Redshaw