Yard Related Quotes

“We no longer need a big house and the burden of maintaining it and a yard. At The Ascent, we would be within minutes of the symphony, art galleries, great restaurants and my office.”

Steve Frank

Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell, I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of Hell.

Charles Studd

“If you have things in the yard that might blow away, bring them inside and trim trees and other vegetation,”

Doug Anderson

“But we have two big German shepherds in the back yard. If she'd been able to get to them, we wouldn't be talking at the hospital now.”

Davy Crockett

I approach football like a street-ball game, like I'm playing with the fellas in the yard.

Simeon Rice

“My favorite moment was when we won the (400-yard medley) relay that we previously lost to Stanford at the dual-meet. It was a good feeling. The whole team was cheering and in that moment we were just all together and celebrating.”

Henrique Barbosa

Playing along in the yard, The blue sky sparkles against the earthly green,Creating such harmony!A pond, nearby.Untroubled waters mirrors the ether's dreams.A grand echo of my Divine Heart!I am One

Arnaud Saint-paul

“If you're a team, how do you take a running back that doesn't run a 40-yard dash? At some point you gotta find out how fast somebody is, so I hope this young man realizes before the draft he needs to run or I hope he has made a deal with a team that's gonna take him in the first round.”

Charley Casserly

“When you saw Dwayne in his front yard, you saw Shawn. Dwayne always came by asking for Shawn, until Shawn went missing. They used to just hang in the yard, laughing and joking.”

Carol Williams

I just show up to the yard, work hard, and play as hard as I can.

Dustin Pedroia