Yesterday Related Quotes

“The dollar is continuing to respond to the new shift in tone from the FOMC yesterday, and that has continued to work through, not only on the currency market but also on the interest rate and equity markets.”

Daniel Katzive

?Maybe we used up all of our hits yesterday.?

Barry Shelton

“Everything is OK from yesterday but too much energy was spent on this issue.”

Claude Leroy

“It feels like it happened yesterday,”

William Shea

“We threw a lot of rock yesterday, and we're throwing more rock this afternoon.”

Christopher Lee

“We saw stops go out yesterday after the highs of the previous two runs were taken out.”

Callum Henderson

“Right now, at this moment, realize that you are living in the present, that you are living in reality. The next day do the same thing and you'll realize how fast future turned into present, and present, your reality, is now the past.”

Aleksandr Sebryakov

“Is the length intimidating? Well, when you're playing with Phil [Mickelson] like I was yesterday and he was hitting 50 yards by you, and he's hitting 7-irons where you're hitting 4-irons, then yeah, it's a different game. It's hard. Very hard.”

Arron Oberholser

“I don’t want something tomorrow what I paid for yesterday.”

Vikrant Parsai

“I was so sure I could do it that I had already ordered the champagne yesterday. I was really convinced I could do it today.”

Antoine Deneriaz