Yet Related Quotes

People don't seem to be able to pigeonhole me yet, which is great.

Anthony Head

“If everything were perfect, that would have been nice. But we're not quite there yet. There are four guys in there, they're battling tooth and nail.”

Larry Beightol

“I'm not getting married, ... Our relationship is so new we don't even really know what it is yet.”

Alyssa Milano

I am such a bad girl," she thought. Yet...

Anne Rice

He is terribly afraid of dying because he hasn't yet lived.

Franz Kafka

“He's having an incredible season. He's talented and driven and the exciting thing is the best is yet to come.”

Michael Young

“He hasn't raised himself up to be a first- or second-line player yet and as a coach you want him to challenge himself to move up and not be happy with what he's doing now.”

Pat Quinn

“It's just one of those things that hasn't happened yet. I'm confident we'll get him in the passing game as we go down the road. We'll also get him the ball in the running game. Whether it's running or passing, we'll get him his touches.”

Drew Brees

“Our position is that there's no economic case for shortening the release pattern. We haven't allowed it to happen yet and that policy will continue. We think theaters are the natural launching pad for movies, that theatrical runs create the buzz that sells videos later on.”

Melanie Bell

That place is so behind the times, you can't even get AIDS there yet.

Doug Stanhope