Yields Related Quotes

“The short-end was pricing in too many rate hikes from the ECB. Yields are high enough, and I see more potential for recovery in the short end than the long end.”

Peter Mueller

“Rising long-term rates tend to benefit banks by allowing them to increase yields on securities portfolio investments.”

Piper Jaffray

?This bill is the legislative equivalent of crack. It yields a short-term high but does long-term damage to the system and it's expensive to boot.?

Barney Frank

“Africa provides investors with potentially far higher yields than are available in other markets.”

Razia Khan

“Europe is clearly showing continued signs of strength and the ECB is responding to that. There is a chance yields rise from here.”

Charles Diebel

“Yields at these levels look attractive to investors.”

Koji Mori

“A number of investors seem to be buying irrespective of price, and yields could actually go lower.”

Andy Green

“Bond yields, especially five-year ones, are reaching a fair level to reflect the outlook for a policy shift.”

Shinji Kunibe

“The results were so good because virtually everything was pretty good. The yields in southern Minnesota were outstanding, hog farms were very profitable, and dairy farms had a pretty good year. We had that perfect storm.”

Dale Nordquist

“There's no question we're in a new range [for yields,]”

Christopher Low