Your Related Quotes

Mercy is stronger than your sword.

P. C. Cast

Show me how big your brave is.

Sara Bareilles

Mind your P's and Q's.

English Proverbs

You shape your own destiny.

Chet Atkins

Imagine how foolish you'd look if, like one clever salesman who once pitched to me, you tried to license your product to a big industry player without knowing they just launched a competing product. With the right background research, he could have avoided that and other landmines - and so can you.

Kevin O'leary

Be honest in your music.

Caleb Shomo

Always follow your own path.

Queen Latifah

Many faux pas of fashion can be avoided if you curb your instinctive desire to buy things with your heart instead of your head.

Edith Head

The key is to do your own work.

Kyle Bass

Choose your mistakes carefully.

Craig Newmark