Zealand Related Quotes

I love working in New Zealand. It's just the most beautiful country I've ever been to.

Grant Bowler

New Zealand, by the way, where I was ambassador, has had two women prime ministers - one from either party.

Carol Moseley Braun

I've got a New Zealand film coming out here called Out of the Blue. It's a very heavy story, and it's the first time I've played a character who is alive.

Karl Urban

“The yen continued to strengthen this morning at the expense of high yielding currencies such as Australian and New Zealand dollars as well as the US dollar.”

Daniel Katzive

I know that people from New Zealand don't ever wanna be confused with being Australians.

Sydney Sierota

“We're very disappointed but that is sevens rugby: it's core skills under the microscope. New Zealand were worthy winners.”

Mike Friday

“Rob Fyfe knows the challenges facing Air New Zealand, and there are many,”

Andrew Little

I love having the laid-back, easy-going, family-priority nature of New Zealand, but I'm certainly enjoying the States in terms of the career opportunities and the enthusiasm I get to find work.

Rose Mciver

“We are viewing the result as negative for bonds and the New Zealand dollar. The lack of a decisive result adds an additional layer of political uncertainty.”

Cameron Bagrie

My dad always told me that the principal reason he chose New Zealand to emigrate to after World War II was the high regard his father had for the Kiwis he encountered at Gallipoli.

Peter Jackson