Zeros Related Quotes

“We scored five in the first inning and then had Jay go out and put five straight zeros on the board. That set the tempo for the whole game.”

Greg Beals

“The first game was interesting. We had a four-run lead and squandered it, but Daly puts up zeros, Derek gets the big hit and Steven (Wright) closes it. Steven had to get his work in and 25 pitches was just right.”

Mike Trapasso

“They've taken samples along the riverfront, and they're getting zeros there. But there is a great dilution factor once you get to the river.”

Neil Sheehan

“I just figured sooner or later something would happen. It's just that you have to keep putting up zeros on the other side against a team that is swinging the bat pretty well. Justin was able to do that.”

Mike Trapasso

“Both pitchers were matching zeros across the board the whole game. They scored one in the fifth and we came back with two in the sixth and that was the end of it. That was a great win. They're a pretty solid club.”

Eric Reichenbach

“It feels nice to get zeros and get a win. You go out there to execute pitches and give your team a chance to win and I was able to do it all day.”

Chris Carpenter

“What? You search? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You seek followers? Seek zeros!”

Friedrich Nietzsche