Zimbabwe Related Quotes

“We have already talked with Zimbabwe with the view of having their team come here before we leave for Bangladesh.”

Samir Inamdar

“As you are aware, since this project also involves the governments of Zimbabwe and Botswana, there are also deliberations at that level. We expect all the loose ends to be tied up soon.”

Fanuel Masikati

“The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is very serious. The need for international aid is big and growing.”

Jan Egeland

“The matter has not yet been resolved. New Zealand clearly have an issue with Zimbabwe.”

Gavin Lewis

“This, indeed, is where it (Habitat) rightly belongs and not anywhere in Zimbabwe.”

Robert Mugabe

“A meeting was held to discuss some Zimbabwe Cricket ideas for making progress on negotiations. But they have dug their heels in and are all adamant there will be no talks until payments have been fully made.”

Clive Field

“The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is in the process of negotiating a facility with Rand Merchant Bank,”

Peter Gent

“We all agree in principle it is a viable proposal. The only problem is that Pakistan is hosting Zimbabwe from late September and we are still not sure if their tour will go ahead on schedule.”

Shaharyar Khan

“On behalf of the Government and the people of Zimbabwe, I would like to thank you very much for standing shoulder to shoulder with us during these trying times.”

Cde Mujuru

“The voice of Mr. Bush and the voice of Mr. Blair can't decide who shall rule in Zimbabwe, who shall rule in Africa, who shall rule in Asia, who shall rule in Venezuela, who shall rule in Iran, who shall rule in Iraq,”

Robert Mugabe