Zombie Related Quotes

“The American consumer is like that bad guy in a zombie movie; shoot him; stab him. He keeps coming forward. But in the case of the consumer, it's more like: depress his wage, make him unemployed, ruin his confidence make no job growth, lower his savings rate -- none of it matters, he or she just keeps on racking up those charges.”

Robert Brusca

“My opinion of a good zombie walk is to loll your head as if it's a little too heavy and the muscles have begun to atrophy.”

George A. Romero

“It's bad enough to get a virus like Sober that turns your PC into a zombie, but at least with that you can disinfect it.”

Andrew Lochart

I do like the zombie movies quite a bit. I know there are purist zombie guys that don't like the running zombies, but I dig the infected thing. I think that's a scarier incorporation of an element into the genre.

Mark Pellegrino

“One of the things Sober does is it turns your computer into a spam zombie.”

Andrew Lochart

“The zombie is in a lot of ways the perfect horror movie bad guy. It plays on so many fears all at once. The fear of predators, the fear of disease and the fear of loved ones betraying us -- the ones we care about are turning around and trying to eat us.”

James Gunn

“We were startled by the quantity of data directed at this single machine. Even a lone spam zombie can spew huge volumes of illegal e-mail across the Internet.”

Aaron Kornblum

“We've always liked him a lot, ever since he was playing with White Zombie. I've always been a big fan.”

Cristiano Migliore

“The tale of the zombie consumer continues, ... There is no stopping him or her: Can't shoot 'em, stab 'em, or keep 'em away from the stores with garlic -- especially with post-season sales in progress.”

Robert Brusca