Zone Related Quotes

“I'm not the biggest fan when guys get 30 yards from the end zone and now we're holding the ball out like a loaf of bread. That doesn't fire me up too much.”

Charlie Weis

It's just about being in the zone, in any sport, be it football, basketball or baseball.

Mark Teixeira

“It's just nice when the team is struggling and we don't get in the end zone that they can be sure that I can kick a field goal,”

Neil Rackers

“Recent numbers have been very favorable for euro-zone growth. We may see a small grind higher in yields.”

Christoph Rieger

Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you're not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you're not demanding more from yourself - expanding and learning as you go - you're choosing a numb existence. You're denying yourself an extraordinary trip.

Dean Karnazes

“I think they packed their zone in a little tighter in the second half and we had a little bit harder time getting it to him. We were attacking their zone with penetration and hitting the gaps inside (in the first half) and we just didn't seem to attack it as well in the second half.”

Rick Ruffin

There's a lot of dancing in football. You can see Victor Cruz doing a little bit of a cha-cha or samba move in the end zone. You can see Terrell Owens getting his popcorn ready. You can see Ochocinco doing the riverdance. But not so much when it comes to ballroom.

Emmitt Smith

It's not brave to do something that doesn't scare you. Performing in sex scenes that I direct, exposing a flash of my weird puffy nipple, those things don't fall into my zone of terror.

Lena Dunham

When you are in a creative or appreciative zone, you literally have no access to your inner lizard, to that fear-based, non creative, shrieking little beasty who's so afraid you're going to be a bag lady.

Martha Beck

“We weren't executing so we decided we were going to pull them out of the zone but that wasn't working effectively. We needed to do it and we gradually opened it up enough to where they had to really extend. We weren't stalling; we were trying to get them to come out of the zone.”

Gene Pingatore