Zones Related Quotes

“We got after (Carr) and it was good to see because we didn't do a whole lot of fire zones or blitzes like we normally do, ... (Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray) was letting us rush four guys and we were able to get to the quarterback so anytime you can do that it opens the defense wide open, it brings more to the table and there's a lot more you can do.”

Chris Kelsay

“That could give a great advantage to those zones that that have a lot of members representing that region and a disadvantage to those that are sparsely populated.”

Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia

“The good thing about this is it shows that planets this size might be quite common in habitable zones.”

Stephen Kane

“There are times when we have played so well against zones you would think that maybe we might need to issue some videos or something.”

Leonard Hamilton

“These are the types of stars around which you would expect to find habitable zones and planets that could develop life.”

Paul Kalas

“We try to create contiguous school zones.”

Wade Valentino

“There's another factor that we don't often think about, and that's the frequent travel, the jumping across time zones, jet lag. We know that disruption in sleep-wake cycles is another precipitant for depression.”

Charles Nemeroff

“The whole fauna of human fantasies, their marine vegetation, drifts and luxuriates in the dimly lit zones of human activity, as though plaiting thick tresses of darkness. Here, too, appear the lighthouses of the mind, with their outward resemblance to less pure symbols. The gateway to mystery swings open at the touch of human weakness and we have entered the realms of darkness. One false step, one slurred syllable together reveal a man's thoughts.”

Louis Aragon

“When you can run the ball, it definitely helps the passing game. The linebackers can't drop back into their zones as quickly. We're going to try to start quickly in the running game.”

Daunte Culpepper

“Just having the industrial zones is a step forward. We would've liked to see more areas included. Demand is very strong for industrial space.”

Adam Friedman