Zoning Related Quotes

“I truly think the zoning issue that affected the north enders motivated them to get out and vote, those who usually don't vote.”

Susan Markin

“We don't have a code enforcement officer, so we don't have zoning.”

Charles Smith

“I think it is down-zoning. It would give the town control over what we could or couldn't do with the property.”

Carol Wilson

“Folks that are (opening child care centers) don't have the skills to go through building laws, zoning and things like that. Constructing Connections will build a step-by-step process where you can follow through with opening a child care center.”

Catherine Bourland

“They've asked me to develop criteria for a phase of a subdivision so that [residents] could seek a new zoning district. There needed to be criteria in place in order to initiate a rezoning, so we've worked on crafting the wording with [the legal department].”

Kevin Russell

“She is cashing checks for Dan's campaign and voting on zoning applications from the donors. I don't want to throw mud, but this issue smells a bit.”

Christopher Munger

“They've asked if we could provide some parking specifically for them. But according to the zoning ordinance, we're not allowed to provide off-site parking for residential in a commercial district. It's not legal.”

Keith Martin

“That's why we have zoning.”

George Stewart

“The default zoning for virtually everything in town is housing. We need to examine whether we've gone too far.”

Larry Klein

“Basically it says we are exempt from local zoning.”

Susan Tolchin