Zoos Related Quotes

“It is disappointing that elephants live in zoos and circuses, chained for days and months on end, forced to live in restricted spaces with no resemblance of anything natural. They simply exist to entertain the public. The Sanctuary elephants have freedom to do what they want, when they want, where they want. The decisions that are made about their lives are theirs to make.”

Carol Buckley

“PETA is calling on all zoos to follow the lead of the Detroit Zoo and the San Francisco Zoo and retire their elephants to sanctuaries and permanently close their elephant exhibits.”

Michael Mcgraw

“There have been serious discussions by representatives of the four zoos to ask if there are ways that the price of keeping pandas can be negotiated downward.”

Don Lindburg

“It's really a global cooperative effort. The idea is to preserve the species, display them in a lot of zoos and educate the public.”

Dan Cassidy